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Monday, April 3, 2017

Are you inner voices constantly chattering?

Do you feel like your accomplishments are never quite “good enough?”  Do you put off projects or assignments because you fear they are not “perfect”?  Do you believe that you must give 110% to each and every project for fear that you will be seen as a failure?  If any of these hold true, you may be a person who is classified as a perfectionist.

Perfectionists create self-defeating thoughts and behaviors aimed at achieving unrealistic and excessively high goals.  Ultimately this pattern creates poor self-esteem and a feeling of failure because the individual believes they are incapable of achieving anything “worthy” or “enough.”

Perfectionism robs us of personal satisfaction and feeling positive about our accomplishments and our future success.  Many perfectionists feel intense anxiety about finishing projects due to the fear of people’s criticism, fear of their disapproval, and thoughts of disappointing people who we view as important. 

What can you do if you discover you are a perfectionist?
1.  Set realistic expectations in a reasonable time frame
2.  Set small goals to assure success
3.  Focus on the process not the end point (the journey not the destination!)
4.  Focus on successes and acknowledge the positive actions you take

5.    Confront the fear…but allow yourself to be human and make mistakes.

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