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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Unlock secrets about yourself

Can A Drawing Tell You Something About Your Personality?

Everyone loves tests and quizzes and many times, the responses do tell us a little about our personality. Remember, this is just a fun little test and it's results are not guaranteed, except to bring a smile to your face.

Here's what I'd like everyone to do: draw a cruise ship on a piece of paper.
Let's first look at the location on the paper.
1. If the ship is drawn near the top of the page, you are an Optimist. You say things like, "There is no sense in crying over spilt milk."
2. If the ship is drawn near the middle of the page, you are a Realist. You see things as they are without illusion or delusion
3. If the ship is drawn near the bottom of the page, you are a Naysayer. You tend to be a pessimist and see things in a negative viewpoint.
Now, let's look at the details you put in your drawing.
1. If your ship is drawn with few details you are a Risk taker. You can be carefree and freewheeling. Sometimes this gets you into trouble.
2. If you used many details in your drawing you are an Inspector. You prefer to look at ideas carefully and thoroughly before they gain your approval.
Thirdly, let's look at the direction your ship is facing.
1. If your ship is facing right, you are a Wordsmith. You enjoy transmitting your ideas through words verbally or in writing.
2. If your ship is head on, you are a Gatekeeper. You like standing guard and keeping an eye on people who are coming and going.
3. If the ship is facing left, you are a Worldly Person. Your interests are in buying and selling or science. You have very little interest in working with words.
If your ship has smoke stacks...
1. If you drew your ship without a smokestack you are a Hipster. You have a knack for knowing where the action is. You can be creative and innovative.
2. If your ship has a smokestack, you are an Artist. You excel or enjoy the fine arts.
And the size indicates how good of a listener you are !!!

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