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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Are you an inspire-ol-ogist?

Are you inspirational?  

Have you created change in someone else?  You can inspire others to be the best they can be, and ways to inspire yourself to dream the dreams and make them all come true.

What is a inspirologist?
 One who encourages and empowers themselves and others to make change

What are some things we can do to inspire ourself?
·      Dream big:  Once you allow yourself to dream, and actually see what you desire, you are half way through an inspiration.  Realize that any step you make towards your dream inspires you to move forward
·      Express yourself.  Without opening up and sharing your thoughts, insights, and feelings, you are limiting your ability to inspire.  Be expressive and passionate and you will find that you will find the inner energy to be inspiring
·      Be positive.  Inspirational people attack challenges with the belief that they can work through past limitations, challenges and have an optimism that they will be able to achieve their dreams
How can we be inspirational to others?
·      Learn to see others assets.  Witness others gifts and be their cheerleader to help them achieve, succeed and prosper.  Encourage and promote their strengths to help them find their inner power
·      Be a collaborator.  Inspirational people help others connect.  Inspirational people do not control and command—the empower others to become leaders and find their inner strength
·      Inspirologists live in trust.  Those who inspire believe in others and do not live in fear—they encourage others to take risks, to innovate, and to create change
·      Be on the offense.  Inspirologists know how to help people vs. being on the defensive.  They help others find their way through encouragement and experimentation and refuse to use criticism, sarcasm, or do harm to others.
Today—take a moment and consider being an inspirologist in your life and to all you encounter

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