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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Is it the caused by the declining economy? The pressure from your work? Or perhaps the war in Iraq? Tonight we will look at just what’s causing American’s stress level to rise, and some tips for dealing with America’s stress epidemic.

The American Psychological Association completed a survey in late 2007 and they noted the top three stressors for Americans. What were they?
• #1 -- 63% of us said their number one stressor was money
• #2 – they said it was national security
• #3 – they noted job security.

What are some common myths about stress?
• STRESS SAME FOR EVERYONE- This is incorrect. What is stressful for one person may not for another. Each of us responds to things in different ways.
• STRESS IS ALWAYS BAD FOR YOU. Stress can be a motivator that helps us accomplish our tasks, productive and feel accomplished—or it can hurt us physically and emotionally
• NO SYMPTOMS/NO STRESS. Untrue! Americans camouflage their symptoms with overworking, alcohol, medication, and being out of touch with their body. In fact, many people have no idea just how stressed they really are, until you suffer from health complications.

What are some tips for dealing with stressors?

• Take time for yourself. Take a long lunch break, do something at night with a friend, medicate, or just take a 15-30 personal time out to refresh yourself.
• Exercise daily. Walk each day, join an aerobic class, park further away from your work, and hike on the weekends. Exercise will reduce your stress hormones and detox our body
• Set realistic expectations. Work towards lowering your perfectionist thoughts and remember to find “balance” in your life.
• Put some simple basics in your life: (Laugh each day, talk to friends, meditate, practice deep breathing, and make time for hobbies, music and art.)