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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yes it is true

The Women's Lifestyle Show is only 17 days away.. and now for the big announcement! Our celebrity for 2009 is Dancing with the Stars... CHERYL BURKE

Monday, October 5, 2009

Just to make you smile

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New findings on depression

An interesting report related to your diet... this may lower your depressive symptoms.


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Would Betty Freidan Be Happy?

Peoria’s Betty Freidan published the infamous Feminine Mystique, but would she say that women have come a long way baby? Tonight we will explore just how far women have come, or have we?

Have women’s roles really changed since the women’s movement began?

• 59% of all bachelor’s degrees and 61% of all master’s degrees are earned by women
• 4 out of 8 Ivy league schools have female presidents, as well as our own Bradley University
• As of October there are more women in the work force then men for the first time in history
• Women now hold more management and supervisory positions, and women’s pay is actually increasing faster than men’s.

These things are all wonderful, but the topic of tonight is about happiness. So ARE women happier today, than when Betty wrote her infamous book?

• Newest studies of 50,000 show that women’s happiness levels have actually dropped (study by Stevenson & Wolfers)
• This is irregardless of how much money they make, how healthy they are, or if they are married or not, or have children.
• 6 major studies on happiness have shown the exact same results and women are shown to not be as happy as men as they age.
• Women begin their lives happier and more fulfilled than men, and then gradually they become less happy.
• The change over age is somewhere between 41-47 when women decline in happiness vs. men.

So this is a dramatic discovery. What can women do to increase their happiness ratio?

• First you must be aware, and conscious that you have the potential to find yourself in this statistical range. Awareness is the key—without it, you can’t imagine a change.
• Start today to focus on gratitude and see what you have in your life, versus what is not available to you
• Watch your negative thoughts. Our thoughts create our life, and negativity will only lead you to a life of unhappiness
• Make time for yourself. Too many women are unbalanced and make no time to find their own inner joy and don’t allow themselves time for renewal.
• Want to learn more things you can do to increase your happiness ratio? Join me & WEEK at the Women’s Lifestyle show on Saturday October 24 at 11am and come to my seminar on happiness and learn over 100 ways to Come On and Get Happy!