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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Can a move effect your mental health?

Summer is here, and it is the time that many families are in transition moving to a new house, a location within the city, or move to another part of the country. While moving may seem like a positive change, it is one of the most stressful experiences a family can face.

What are some of the common effects that children have related to moving?

1. drop in grades

2. irritability

3. sleep disturbances

4. withdrawal

5. depression

6. anger and resentment

You say that moving is a stressful event for the family, explain some of the stressors.

1. interrupts relationships with friends

2. creates the potential for more dependent relationships with other family members

3. creates potential conflicts with teens who resent moving from peers

4. has the possibility of creating separation anxiety and abandonment fears in pre-schoolers

What are some tips to smooth out that transition within your family…

1. Discuss why the move is necessary

2. Look at advantages for moving

3. Familiarize yourself with the new area

4. Get involved in the new community

5. Consider letting older high schools finish their school year by staying with a friend or relative