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Sunday, April 2, 2017

WHAT DOES your face say?

What Does Your Face Say?

You don’t have to say a single word, but your body is sending all sorts of messages about you that you might not realize.  The way you stand, your eyes, and even how close you stand next to a person tells someone a lot about you.  

What are some ways your body indicates that you want to be friends with someone?
·      Smiling is the first key to show you are open to friendship and a welcoming sign
·      Maintaining eye contact (not staring- like a stalker) illustrates that you are interested
·      Slowing your actions such as blinking more, talking calmly, walking slowly also shows you are interested in another person

What are some ways that your body shows that you want people to stay away from you?
·      Closing your arms in front of you indicates to people that you are not interested in closeness
·      Putting in your hands in your pockets, or into your jacket or jeans sends the message that you are distant or uncomfortable
·      Putting something like a drink or an object between you indicates you want distance

What are the secret body language of attracting people sexually?
·      Touching in safe areas like the hands shows interest
·      Watching for dilated eyes ( when people are happy their eyes dilate)
·      Preening signs like playing with your hair or tossing it over your shoulder, or adjusting her
     clothing for women or men playing with their tie or shirt buttons or running their hands through
     their hair shows interest
·      Licking your lips is a subtle way to indicate interest as is moving your body to accentuate your
     curves or muscles
·      Standing closer than the normal “safe” distance  to a person shows you are interested and attracted
     to another person

·      So remember that your body sends lots of message and that 70% of communication is nonverbal!

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