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Monday, April 3, 2017

The pursuit of happiness

Who are the happiest people in the world?

•    The happiest people live in Iceland, #2 New
      Zealand, #3 Denmark.
•    U.S. ranks 23rd
•    Americans have lots of “toys” and things, but
      they don’t know how to enjoy what they have
      and keep looking for more
•    Happiness has a lot to do with taking a risk,
      searching and achieving
•    People who make more money in the U.S.
      tend to be happier and have great well-being
      despite past statistics that have told us
•    People are happier when they can purchase
      non-necessities and Americans spend more on cars,,
     eating out and sports.

What do we know about Americans and happiness in the last ten years.
•    15 percent were pessimists in 2004 and in 2013 only 4 percent.
•    79 percent said they were optimists in 2004 and 50 percent currently
•    35 percent of people save working towards a goal makes them happy, but 59 percent of
      Americans say achieving a goal makes them happier
•    41percent of people say they are as happy as expected and 28 percent say they are happier than
      expected and 27 percent say they are unhappy

What are some simple truths about the pursuit of happiness?

•    Remember: People who have good memories and reminisce are happiest. 
•    Couples: Married people tend to be happier than singles
•    Furry Friends: Happier people tend to have pets to provide comfort, companionship and love.
•    Exercise: Those who take a daily walk or jog, tend to be happier than those who are sedentary.
•    Spirituality: Studies show that those who have a spiritual connection are happier than those who
•    Kids: Adolescents' happiness rises when they have hobbies, are in team sports and have active
     lives with friends.

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