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Friday, February 4, 2011

How much do you know about women & self esteem?

Self-Esteem & Women

1. The family is a strong force in development of self-esteem

2. Parental approval is crucial in nurturing self esteem

3. There is little correlation between achievement and healthy self esteem

4. Self esteem is an external versus an internal issue

5. Healthy self-esteem can be bolstered by achievements during personal adversity

1. True. Self-esteem is defined, as an appreciation for one’s self, a positive self-attitude, a belief in one’s abilities, trusting one’s decisions, and a belief that one is competent and powerful. The basic element of self-esteem is love and acceptance of self through recognition of strengths and forgiveness for weaknesses. Skills leading to positive self-esteem are gained during the early developmental years. The main sources for skill development during these early years are family, friends, and schools.
2. True. Parents who withdraw or neglect showing approval to their children hamper the development of healthy self-esteem. Adults who have healthy self-esteem have been reinforced by someone who defined them as worthy, capable, and loveable during their early development.
3. False. Achievement and accomplishments which were nurtured or praised lead to the development of positive self-esteem. When we learn that we have worth, or are capable of achieving our goals, our self-esteem escalates.
4. False. Self-esteem is something that develops within and can not be attained merely through the approval of others. Self-esteem is an inside job, and can be built upon at any stage of our life.
5. True. Whenever we face personal adversity, we have the opportunity to learn about our personal strengths and abilities. By focusing on our ability to cope, survive and be resilient, we foster our self-esteem and self-confidence.

Self-esteem can be fostered and enhanced at any age. We have the ability to build skills and create a healthier sense of self-worth and esteem. As women develop a positive regard for their accomplishments, they learn to nurture their worth through praising their successes. We also enhance our self-esteem by taking control of our lives. A sense of control can be achieved through establishing financial self-sufficiency, mastering a project or career, through positive parenting, or through feeling competent to manage daily affairs. Esteem is built through experiences, which reinforce our belief that we are valuable and important. It is enhanced when we feel we are needed, and we have a purpose in life. For many people, self-esteem & confidence are enhanced by living in accordance with personal values and beliefs.

What are some means of increasing your self-esteem?
• Cultivate friendships. When we create healthy relationships with other people, we enhance the feelings that we are likable and worthy.
• Treat yourself kindly. It is impossible to foster healthy self-esteem when we feed our soul and fill our mind with negative self-talk. It is essential that we minimize the focus on failure and maximize positive self-talk and affirmations. Focusing on what you do well, versus what you do poorly. Make note of positive changes you make in your life. Notice your accomplishments and become your own cheerleader.
• Do something every day that makes you feel valuable. Worth is fostered through living each day with purpose. Value can be derived through simple acts of kindness to others as well as through accomplishing tasks, duties, or goals.
• Take risks and face your fears. The best way to increase belief in yourself is to take a risk and learn you can trust yourself. Whenever we face our personal limitations and try to make changes, we build our self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-esteem.
• Use empowering self-statements Research has shown that writing a positive self-statements (affirmations) ten times a day for 21 days will bring about a change. Affirmations are simple to create. They need to be positive, affirming, and state something you would like to create in your life.


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