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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Grateful people have more

Grateful People Have More

Did you know that grateful people have more? They have good health, they have a higher happiness quotient and they have a higher rate of self esteem and confidence. So we’ll look at how you can have what they have in a few easy steps.

Tell us more about the research about grateful people.

• Those who frequently feel grateful are those who have larger social connections, and tend to be less depressed, less anxious, sleep more soundly, exercise regularly and tend to resist viral infections
• We also know that children who are taught gratefulness tend to be less materialistic, get better grades, have less headaches and stomach aches
• Children who are gratefulness training at an early age tend to be more satisfied with their lives and tend to have a greater desire to give back to others and their society

What is the key element for fighting our society’s need for materialism and envy?
• Researchers in the Journal of Happiness state that the best way to fight materialism and greed is to teach someone to be grateful and see what they have vs. what is missing.
• There are simple keys that can be done each day to enhance our gratefulness quotient

What are those keys?
• Change your mind. Instead of looking at the five things that bother you during the day, focus on the five things that went well during the day. The change in focus will be life changing
• Focus on blessings. This is not a religion lesson, but just a statement that those who see life filled with blessings vs. crisis are those who are more fulfilled and happy
• Hang with the “right” people. Find people who tend to look at the positives vs. live in criticism, negatives, and gripes. This may mean that you might have to alter some of your friendships, or you could create a new bond with a friend to really work together to change the way in which you look at life
• Look at people in a new way. Focus on what they have brought to your life, vs. what you have given to theirs. When you look at people in this way we tend to see how others enhance our lives in small ways that we might not even notice.
• Being grateful is as simple as thank you. I’m not talking about the standard, just say it thank you—but a heart felt thank you. When we focus on really looking, we can take the time to really feel what others do for us, what we have, and how our life is filled with just what we need.

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