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Friday, February 23, 2007

Truth or Fiction About Dreams

Some people have dreams at night and some people do not.
• (False) all of us have about 4-5 dreams per night during deep sleep

Some people are more receptive to dreams than others.
• (True) some people are more attuned to their dreams and almost are tuned into the channel better than others. Dream sensitive people make suggestions to their unconscious to remember their dreams.

Trained professionals can simply hear a dream and render an interpretation
• (False) Dream analysis is a very active dialog with the dreamer in which the dreamer supplies the associations. Professionals might suggest certain typical ways to approach themes or images, but the dreamer must give input into the personal meaning of the dream.

Dreams can predict our future.
• (False) Dreams can tell of new developments in our psyche, which later are apparent to us. (I know you may think differently on this one, but this is what the research indicates ☺ )

Reoccurring dreams are very rare.
• (True) Many times situations are repeated--but rarely do the details repeat exactly (Mine is about being in college and missing one class and then not being able to graduate—and yes, this is a common reoccurring dream I’ve learned.
• Many times the situation may be the same but changes in the dream show developments in the situation. However, true “reoccurring” dreams are usually due to traumas.

It is easy to trigger our mind to remember dreams.
• (True) This can be accomplished by giving our self a reminder before the onset of sleep. It is helpful to put a notebook or journal by the bed to record the dream and put keywords and vivid images or simples down as keys.

Share your thoughts... and happy dreaming!


Anonymous said...

My reoccuring dream began when I was a young child. These giant boulders are rolling and everthing else seems so much larger than life. It's all closing in on me but I never get rolled over by one of these huge boulders. Just a feeling of intensity!

Anonymous said...

How interesting. The boulders never seem to crush you, which illustrates that you are quite resilient.

Life is stressful, and it's amazing how our dreams manifest the intensity of our daily life. It sounds like your subconscious finds ways to protect you from danger.