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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Making Love Last

Over 50% of all marriages in America end in divorce. What are the keys to making love last?

Couples that have been married for over 40 years say they…
• Accept differences in each other
• Maintain strength during adversity
• Provide nurturing
• Use humor
• Build togetherness
• Use positives in their communication with each other

What are some simple things you can do each day to bolster your chances of making your relationship last?
• Make time for touching and hugs
• Make it a priority to find time for your partner
• Give compliments to each other
• Express appreciation & gratitude
• Have “meaningful” communication
• Say “I love you” and let your behaviors exhibit it

It sounds so easy... and it is! Use this simple techniques to enhance your love life


Anonymous said...

You've made some good points. I appreciate all the tips. :)

Anonymous said...

Take the time to spend with your loved one. We live in a life of drive through meals to make life easier yet it seems that we just become more disconnected from our loved ones. Stop the drive though life style and talk at meals and events.