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Friday, February 2, 2007

The color of your car says something about you

Is your vehicle a clue to the real you? British psychologists claim the color preference of your car tells something about your personality. The Royal Automobile Club analyzed more than a thousand drivers and concluded that car color reveals personality traits more clearly than choice of clothes.

So here's what they concluded from their study:

  • Black car- sucess driven and ambitious. The car is a statement of status
  • Red car- the person is outgoing and impulsive. They prefer to be spontaneous and creative versus living an orderly life
  • Silver car- you have style and focus on success. Researchers say you tend to be pompous
  • Grey car- you have understated taste, and you are cautious
  • White car- you are distant and dutiful. Researchers say you are aloof and methodical
  • Green car- you are class conscious and very traditional in outlook. They say you are short on originality
  • Pastel car- you are introverted and shy, and you tend to be depressed.
So there... you have it. Do you think the British researchers have you pegged? Curious to hear what you think.


Anonymous said...

My deep blue car color was left out! What does that say about me? I now have your blog in my favorites! Thanks

joymiller said...

Of course the blue says that you are passionate about all you do, and your visions are towards the heaven (I made that up... but it sounds good :)

Anonymous said...

White car- you are distant and dutiful. Researchers say you are aloof and methodical, I don't think I'm distant, aloof, or methodical, but dutiful would work. I just like white because it doesn't show the dirt as much as other colors.

Anonymous said...

Quick question about a neighbor, they have a white SUV and a green convertible. Both very pleasant, successful, nice folks. My question is what about their personality would cause them to leave flood lights ON in the back yard all night long? It looks like HBO is shooting the Sopranos episode. Does green or white color of car cause this?

joymiller said...

These are good observations, but I'm just reporting the research from England. Obviously, there might be some other factors that relate to car color :)