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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holidays or Holi-daze? Part #3

The holidays are upon us and many of us suffer with pressures of over-doing everything during the holidays—especially over-eating. Perhaps this happens to you? Do you usually put on an additional 10-15 pounds during the holiday season? Many people complain about unhealthy eating patterns which are high in sugar and fat, and low on balance. With a cornucopia of delights available at every turn, it is imperative that we create a plan to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle for the coming months. Here some quick tips to help you through the mounds of temptations:

•Eat only what you really want. Make a decision to think before you impulsively put food in your mouth.
•Realize it is okay to say “no” to food. You will not hurt anyone’s feelings by choosing not to overeat.
•Focus on the holiday and not the food.
•Try to eat healthy and continue regular exercise.This is essential during this holiday season
•Don’t skip meals…this is a set-up for overeatin
•Forget censoring yourself from eating. That is only a set up for overeating.
•Bring your own food if you know healthy food won’t be available.
•Don’t give up if you overeat on one day. Too often people throw in the towel and overeating from one day into a 3-week period.

With a little planning this holiday season can be a healthy time filled with good health and good cheer.

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