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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holidays or Holi-daze? Part #1

Are you one of those people who say “yes” to all holiday activities at your own expense? Do you generally schedule too much in too little time, and expect to do more than is humanly possible? The most common concern of holidaze is overdoing. Symptoms of fatigue, exhaustion, lack of mental concentration, backaches, depression, and anxiety usually affect those who don’t learn some techniques for managing over-committing. Here are some tips for holiday success:

• *Budget your time during this season. Realize that time is limited and make choices that are not putting you at risk for fatigue.
• Set realistic expectations of what can be accomplished. Remember that you will pay the price if you don’t care for yourself.
• *Learn to say “no” to invitations, commitments, and volunteering. Choose to engage in activities that are important to you.
• *Make a list of your activities and prioritize what is truly important during this season. Remember to make time for your family and your self.

With a little preparation this holiday can be a wonderful experience and something to cherish. Start now and make this year the wondrous year of peace, happiness, and serenity!

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