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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Workplace Taboos...

We spend the greatest part of our week at our job, with some people spending between 40-60 hours per week at their place of employment. But, are there some key things we need to do to maintain our job security?

What are some of American’s most common taboos occurring in the workplace?
• 35% percent of those surveyed have puckered up with a co-worker
• 31 % have tipped the bottle while on the job.
• 42% have fallen asleep at work.
• 21% say they have stolen things at work
• 19 percent of workers who have spread a rumor about a fellow employee.
• 4% have lied about their academic background
• 2% report taking credit for someone else’s work

Career builders reports there are some key things you should NEVER do at work. What are they?
• BLAMING OTHERS. Own up. Take responsibility for your errors even though it is difficult and sometimes embarrassing.
• GETTING COWORKERS INVOLVED IN YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEMS. It is nice to have friendships, but bringing your home problems to work can be distracting and unprofessional. Remember your coworkers are not your therapists, and this type of relationship will only lead to complicated work situations.
• ABUSING OFFICE TECHNOLOGY. Be watchful of using work time for your personal emailing, internet shopping, personal phone calls or watching last night’s episode of that TV show you missed. Trust that eventually this will catch up with you, and your coworkers will most certainly mention it to higher ups.

Are there other things we should see as taboos?
• STEALING IS STEALING. You may think it’s no big deal to take home the storeroom pencils, pens, paper. Staplers, or zip drives but it all adds up, and if you are caught you can guarantee that it will lead to a firing.

• DON’T HIT ON YOUR BOSS. This is a disaster in the making! In fact, dating coworkers generally has poor results. You may think your relationship is a secret, but trust me; your coworkers are more astute than you think.

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