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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Power of One

We may represent 5% of the world population, but Americans uses more than a quarter of the world’s natural resources each year. Joining Peoria's WMBD-TV 31's efforts to change the world, one person at a time, we will look at how YOU can make a difference and the POWER OF ONE.

Tell us more about the power of one?
• Creating change seems overwhelming when you look at world problems as a whole
• Breaking down the issues into small “do-able” efforts helps people believe they CAN make a change.
• One person can make a difference in our world. Taking a small step to change the world feeds our feels of compassion, love and understanding.

What are some changes with the POWER OF ONE?
• If each of us lowered our temperatures by one degree during the winter, we would save 230 million barrels of crude oil. (that’s the amount of oil we import from Iraq each year).
• If every newspaper reader recycled their Sunday papers we could help create 212 million pounds of cellulose insulation. (that would insulate over 118,000 houses)
• If each elementary student recycled one soda can it would save almost 25 million cans – which translates to enough aluminum to build 21 Boeing 737 airplanes.
• If every American switched and got just ONE bill online instead of a paper bill, we would save almost 218 million sheets of paper
• If one dimmer switch replaced a switch in the US, it could save enough to light ½ million homes (that’s every home in the state of Arkansas)

*source: Delta SKY magazine

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joymiller said...

Lets all work together to make a change!