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Saturday, May 12, 2007

We are optimistic about losing weight

Recent statistics have shown that dieters are very optimistic about their ability to lose weight. But, is the optimistic viewpoint just hopeful thinking, or reality?

Tell us more about recent statistics.
~In a Consumer’s Report survey of over 2000 Americans, 75% of people say believe they will be successful in losing weight and meeting their goal. 19% are unsure if they can accomplish the goal, and 6% are pessimistic.

Do we know how people are trying to lose weight?
~ 67% are trying to do it alone
~16% are using free programs
~8 % are paying for weight loss programs
~ But what we do know for sure is that within each of these groups, most are watching their food intake in combination w/ exercise.

And what are American’s reasons for dieting?
~44% want to improve their health
~20% say they just want to feel better about themselves
~13% say they want to look better
~12% want to improve their fitness and endurance
~6% are losing weight because of a MD’s recommendation

What are some suggestions for being more successful as a dieter?
~Be realistic about your weight goals
~Set small steps for yourself, so you can measure success
~Find a program that works for you, and is healthy and not based on starvation or deprivation.
~Do it for yourself… no one loses weight unless they are really motivated to change.
~If you find yourself unsuccessful, seek the assistance of a trained nutritionist, integrative or traditional physician, or eating disorder specialist. Sometimes there are other reasons why people can’t lose weight other than determination and hard work.

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