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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Getting ahead at work

Is there really a gender gap as it relates to paychecks?
• The US Census Bureau reports that women make 25% less than men, and that Caucasian women make just 72% of Caucasian male coworkers.
• Black women make 82% of black male counterparts
• Hispanic women make 82% of their male counterparts

Does your occupation make a difference in the salary gender gap?
Yes, research indicates that women in the medical and health field make only 63% of what males earn. But, the counterpart is that women earn almost the same amount as men in engineering, police work, or legal assistants.

What are some Careerbuilder suggestions for winning a promotion?
1. Assess your potential. Do a self-assessment of your positives and weaknesses. Are there some areas that you might enhance to help you win that raise or promotion? Look at your abilities and increase your knowledge base
2. Step up. Volunteer for new assignments. Showcase your abilities and demonstrate your ability to take on a new challenge and meet the needs of the company
3. Be assertive. Show your enthusiasm, energy and passion for what you do. Look for opportunities to showcase your expertise.
4. Show your confidence. One way to do this is to speak positively about your accomplishments. There is a difference between bragging and gently blowing your own horn. Detail your accomplishments and pass it on to your boss in a weekly email.
5. Accept compliments gracefully. Don’t ignore compliments, but instead say thank you and that you are glad your dedication and hard work paid off.
6. Learn to just make small talk. Go to company picnics, get-togethers, and little informal things at the office. These are great ways to be seen, and to present yourself in a positive light.

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