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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Future: A Kokology Prediction

Many of you told us that you like the little Japanese self discovery games called Kokology. So responding to your requests, we are sharing another little example and see how closely it defines your personality.

The doorbell rings at your house and to your surprise two animals are standing at the door (just go with me on this one). These animal messengers are predictors of your future. One of the animals has a letter that foretells your life of happiness and peace, and the other animal brings a message about crisis and despair. Which animal brings the glad tidings, and which animal brings the omen of doom? (pick different animals for each).

1. Tiger 2. Dog 3. Sheep 4. Parrot 5. Tortoise

Kokology tells us that our future is influenced by our selection of mates or life partners. The animal messengers corresponds to our perception of people that bring us joy and pain. In this example, the animal you choose as the bearer of good tidings represents your ideal spouse, while the bearer of bad tidings animal is the kind of partner that would pull you down.

1. The tiger:
glad tidings: You see yourself happiest with someone ambitious and powerful, with the desire to rule.
gloom and doom: You dread a tyrannical partner who acts like king of the jungle and growls at any request to be involved in doing shared tasks.
2. The Dog:
glad tidings: You unquestionably want someone who is loyal and gives you absolute devotion
gloom and doom: You are not compatible with those who try to please everyone and are people pleasers by nature.
3. The Sheep:
glad tidings: You'd love a warmhearted, nurturing spouse
doom and gloom: You fear winding up with a boring homebody and someone who rarely likes to do anything new or unusual.
4. The Parrot:
glad tidings: You'd love a talkative partner who is fun-loving and can make you laugh
doom and gloom: Living with a chattering partner who lays around would drive you to insanity.
5. The Tortoise:
glad tidings: Your perfect match would be serious, dependable and there at a time of need.
doom and gloom: You'd despise living with a slow-moving, slow-witted partner.

~ So how close was this prediction? We'd love to hear your response to this discovery game~

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the fun little tests. Do more!!!