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Friday, March 31, 2017

Color Psychology.  What Does It Say About You?

Does color really affect our physiological and psychological well-being? Let’s have a little fun as we will look at color, and how it relates to our moods, our choices, and the message color sends to others.

We know that color can:
·      Send a powerful positive or negative message
·      It can encourage sales by drawing our attention to objects
·      It can calm a crowd, or calms a patient in the hospital
·      It can energize us

Test #1 Personality Choice Related to Your Favorite Color
Choose from these colors

Here are the generally accepted symbolism of the color you choose:
·      RED- You have a zest for life.  It says you are intense, competitive, daring and passionate
·      BLUE- This is the color of tranquility and peace.  It says you are cool and confident and have a high sense of responsibility. You might be a perfectionist in nature
·      GREEN-You are stable and balanced and love to grow and be enriched.  You are a joiner and a team player.  You are kind and generous.
·      BLACK- You see yourself as worldly, or sophisticated, or conventional. You are clever, strong & have a good head when it comes to making decisions. Prestige is important to you.
·      PINK- You are talented, charming and warm.  You have lots of drive and are a romantic.

Test #2:  Does Your Car Color Define Your Personality?

The 2004 Dupont Automotive Color Popularity report of owner’s personality related to car color choices.

·      Silver: Elegant, loves to be futuristic
·      White: Neat and tidy
·      Light to Mid-Blue: Cool, calm faithful, quiet
·      Dark Blue: Credible, confident, dependable
·      Red: Sexy, high energy and dynamic
·      Black: Empowered, loves elegance, appreciates classics
·      Gray: Sober, corporate, practical
·      Dark Green: Traditional, well balanced
·      Yellow: Trendy, lively, whimsical
·      Gold: Intelligent warm, loves comfort
·      Brown: Down to earth, no nonsense


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