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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting older or getting better?

Getting older doesn’t have to mean that you aren’t getting better. Tonight we are going to look at a couple of recent studies and see what helps middle age American’s thrive and survive.

Tell us about the first study related to middle aged Americans.

• 5000 adults were studied for 20 years and British study showed that middle- aged people could age you by a dozen years by missing 4 key elements.
• The habits that were essential to living longer were simple things: not smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, exercise and healthy diet
• The study results suggested that those who don’t smoke or have quit; men who have fewer than 3 drinks & less than 2 for women; those who ate 3 fruits and vegetables, and those who exercised 2 hours a week lived longer

What else did we learn from this study?
• It is the simple things that really can make a difference
• We talk about these elements in many of our segments, but we have to make the commitment to these tenets if we want to live longer and healthier

You had mentioned another study, will you tell us about the results of that study.

• A University of Montreal, April 2010 study showed that baby boomers (those born from 1946-1964) are among the most self-reliant generation
• Boomers can retiring healthy, wealthy and have a desire to travel in their golden years
• Boomers are seen as those who will change our health care system utilizing private nurses to live independently if ill, and have made life-long plans to live their golden years and plan to stay self-reliant, not expecting their children to care for them.
• Clearly these two studies show we can effect our future with some common healthy options and creating a plan for self-security.

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