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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are you a GenY-er?

GenY, GenMe or Millenials… whatever you call them…they have some different views on the world than the previous generation. Tonight we will look at some of the characteristics of those who are the Millennials—from the age of 18-29.

What are some of the priorities of Millennials?

• Millennials define themselves as technology focused
• They define themselves by their music and pop culture
• They see themselves as liberal and tolerant
• They view themselves as smarter than past generations
• They see their work ethic as different than past generations

• Most GenYers are generally more confident, upbeat and open to change
What do you mean that their work ethic is different?
• The previous generation—the Xers who were born in the 1970s were seen as slackers, and the Boomers defined themselves by their jobs--but the Millenials value their leisure time
• GenY folks say they want a job with an easy pace and lots of vacation time
• GenY people don’t really want to work overtime
• They want jobs where they can make friends- which is very important to them
• GenY see work as less central to their lives yet they want to have big salaries and status (perhaps suggesting they want their cake and eat it too)

If you are working with a GenYer, what tips would you give?
• Realize that they are not defined by their job, so change your expectations or look for someone else who might have the job expectations that you desire
• GenYers are team players and work well in goods. You can use this to your advance by teaming them up to produce.
• GenYers need some assistance with personal communication skills and following procedures in an exact format. Take the time to teach them how to go through all the steps of a job and be specific.
• Remember that GenYers want something different than past generations and they will value time sharing, working part-time and being more flexible with work hours that might help you save money due to economic concerns.

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