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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Does Birth Order Effect Your Life Choices?

First born child? The middle child? Perhaps you are the baby of the family? Can you tell a lot about a person just by knowing where they fit into a family due to their birth order? Our 2-part series will investigate if our birth order defines us in our behaviors, our marital and our job selection?

What are the typical family roles defined by birth order?

ü First born. The oldest child who is typically characterized as the “responsible one.”

ü The scapegoat. Typically the second born child who is the one who acts out, or is labeled as the troublemaker

ü The middle child. This child is usually the quiet one or the lost child

ü The mascot. The baby of the family who is the protected one.

What are the typical characteristics of the first born?
ü First child who is over-responsible achiever

ü Type A personality

ü Good student, workaholic who takes on more than assigned

ü Needs to be in control

ü Typically marries someone who they can care for or manage

What are the characteristics of the scapegoat?

ü The second born who acts out and many times is the complete opposite of the first born

ü Cuts classes, gets poor grades, early pregnancy, attains negative, attention

ü Rebellious, prone to use of drugs or alcohol

ü Good with physical activities

What are the characteristics of the middle child

ü Quiet, invisible

ü Avoids conflict, isolates

ü Feels lonely, afraid, emotionally withdrawn

ü Follower

ü Many times depressed and has few friends

What are the characteristics of the mascot

ü The baby of the family who is generally immature and fragile

ü Many times the clown , charms family members and others

ü Can be high strung and hyperactive

ü Not taken seriously

Do these roles fit for all families?

Generally these are guidelines. There are excepts if there is a big gap in ages of the children, or if a family is blended. Exceptions also are found if there is a boy born first, and then a girl… and then the roles tend to change with the girl being the responsible child and the boy becomes the scapegoat.

Gina: So you see your birth order can determine your characteristics and the roles you take in your family and your life. Next week, Dr Joy will continue this subject and you’ll learn how our birth order affects who we marry as well as the careers we seek.


Anonymous said...

We have two children. A son, now 41 our first born and a daughter, now 37 our 2nd child. Neither fit the profile that was given today. Our son is very outgoing, was a good student (A & B's), a BU Mechanical Engineering graduate, and highly motivated. Our daughter is on the shy side but also a very good student (All A's Grade 1 through BU), has a degree in Accounting and passed her CPA exam. Both were, and still are, active in music and other school activities. So, I don't think our family fits the "norm". Not sure what we did correctly, only know that we are truly blessed. Enjoy your spot each week with Gina.

joymiller said...

Thank you for your wonderful comments. I think you are very blessed and it sounds as if you have two wonderful children!

Anonymous said...

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