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Friday, July 17, 2009

The deadliest day for Suicides

Some surprise findings came out this week related to suicide. Tonight we break some of the myths that surround the topic and will bring you some information that might change everything you ever thought about suicide.

You have some interesting information to share related to the “deadiest” day of the week related to suicide. What do new studies reveal?

• Songs always talk about Monday blues and we typically have thought that suicide rates are the highest on Mondays
• A 5-year study done at the University of California points a finger at Wednesdays being the day with the highest rate of suicide.
• 25% of suicides occur on Wednesdays compared to 14% on Mondays and Saturdays, and suicide rates do down dramatically on Thursdays having the lowest rate of 11% of all suicides

Why do they think this might be true?

• The researchers believe that we are not as isolated as we once were during the weekends due to the internet, text messaging and cell phones
• People become more stressed on their jobs and by mid week their “co-workers get on their nerves” or the stress is just too much for them.

Were there any other findings of interest?
• We used to believe that there was a seasonal component to suicide rates and that winters had the highest rates of suicide. Once again, with the increase in connectivity due to technology, people are more connected and suicide rates are now a little higher in the summer than in the winter.

What are some suggestions if you believe someone is suicidal?

• Take all threats seriously. There is a myth that if people talk about it, they aren’t serious. Studies indicate that more than 75% of all completed suicides did say or do something prior to their death to let people know about their suicidal thoughts.
• Remember this is a cry for help. Be willing to tell someone, or take the person to the emergency room, or tell them you will go with them to therapy
• Don’t keep the secret. Make sure you do something to let others know such as calling the Call for Help number at 673-7373
• Call a professional therapist if you or someone you love is depressed. Remember that depression is quite treatable. 75% of people notice relief after 6-8 therapy sessions

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