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Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Startling Rise in Suicidal Thoughts

What do the recent studies indicate? (August 2008 study presented at the American Psychological Association Convention in Boston)
• More than 50% of American college students have considered suicide in their life
• The rate of suicidal thoughts for college students is much higher than the 15.3% of Americans at large who have suicidal thoughts.

What other information within that shocking report?

• 26000 students at 70 schools were questioned in the survey and suicidal thoughts was as common as drug abuse.
• Students reported suicidal thoughts as a method of relieving emotional or physical pain (#1 reason)
• The second reason for suicidal thoughts was problems with romantic relationships
• The third was related to academics or problems in school

What are some suggestions if you believe someone is suicidal?
• Take all threats seriously. There is a myth that if people talk about it, they aren’t serious. Studies indicate that more than 75% of all completed suicides did say or do something prior to their death to let people know about their suicidal thoughts.
• Remember this is a cry for help. Be willing to tell someone, or take the person to the emergency room, or tell them you will go with them to therapy
• Don’t keep the secret. Make sure you do something to let others know such as calling the Call for Help number at 673-7373
Call a professional therapist and remember that depression is quite treatable and 75% of people


Anonymous said...

There are so many people who have negative thoughts and are plagued by negative thinking. These negative thoughts create fear, suicidal thoughts, anger, and agitation and there is seemingly no apparent reason for these thoughts to occur. Everyone who has this habit must try to learn how to stop it and must try to bring on a more positive way of thinking.

joymiller said...

Thanks for your comments. Our thoughts can create our destiny

Anonymous said...

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