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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Surprising Research on our Happiness Levels

British and American researchers just released some new information about our happiness factor. 80 counties, and 2 million people were studied in this massive study and the results might be a little surprising to many of us.

What was discovered?
• People are most likely to become depressed in middle ages
• We are happiest at the beginning and end of our lives
• We tend to be the most depressed between 40-50 years of age.
• Peak time for depression is 44, and American men are most depressed at 50 and
American women at 40.
• Socio-economic status, marital status, nor number of children affected the
statistics worldwide

Why do people tend to be happier in their golden years?
• People learn to adapt to their strengths and weaknesses and are grateful for
what they have attained
• People who work at being happy have discovered their health and longevity
• Comparing their lives to those who have deceased, makes many happy for their
remaining years.

What can we do to increase our own personal happiness?
• Focus on the half full glass
• Practice gratitude on a daily basis (keep a list of positive things in your
• Create a list of things you still want to accomplish (a bucket list or wish
list), and experience the happiness as you achieve those goals.
• Embrace the love around you, and spend time with people who are your
cheerleaders and friends.

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