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Friday, January 18, 2008

Be Self-Confident in 2008

Would you like to be more confident in 2008? Would you like to have your co-workers and friends see you as “together” and possessing the characteristics healthy self esteem? Here's some tips from those who are self-confident and possess the skills for enhancing your self esteem and confidence in your everyday life.

What is self confidence?

o It is something that is a combination of skills, and people are not born with confidence-it is something that is learned. It comes from practice and it is found in people who are self-directed, accept responsibility and believe in their own abilities.

What are some of the signs of self confidence?

o Admitting you are wrong
o Being flexible when change is needed
o Talking about your accomplishments
o Describing negative events in positive terms (ie.,we didn't make our goal, but
we learned many things from this project)
o Using a strong handshake, stand with good posture
o Making eye contact and smiling

What are skills for building self-confidence

1. Learn your strengths (know your talents, convictions, beliefs and then build on those strenghts)
2. Plan/ be prepared (confident people take the time and energy to look at consequences, options, do their homework, write out your responses so they are prepared for any situation)
3. Take action (be willing to take a risk, give it a go, to try and willing to trust that they will have the skills to handle any new situation)
4. Gain information (people who are confident have information to go on when making decisions. They tend to ask questions, listen, read, observe, and are willing to learn new skills)
5. Act the part (fake it until you make it, look and act powerful, be aware of nonverbals (smile, speak in a confident tone, talk neither too fast or too slowly, carry yourself with a good posture. ) Use words like “I know”
6. Rehearse (practice makes perfect-visualize success. Practice working through situations and role play difficult conversations or situations that might cause you concern. Write things out. Visualize success in your mind)
7. Remember it is said that success is 99% persistence and 1% talent!

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Anonymous said...

Great article! I completely agree with everything you wrote.