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Saturday, September 22, 2007

...Before time runs out

Time is ticking, and each day blends into another…or does it for those who are planning their future? There’s a new trend for those who don’t want to lose one second.

Tell us more about this new trend.
• Many people are creating “life lists” which is a contract with yourself outlining goals that you want to accomplish before you die.
• The popularity of life lists is surging with available lists of places to visit, must read books, and things to do before you are 40.
• Media resources are catching the frenzy. There are new movies coming out, and Visa is running a print campaign built around checklists called “Things to do while you are alive.”
• With 79 million baby boomers, they are at the point in their lives where they are taking stock of where they have gone, and what they want to do with the rest of their life.

Why are these “lists” so important to so many?
• These are a perfect way for time-crunched professionals to organize on personal journeys in this quick pace world
• The lists create a road map for the future
• The lists create a mechanism for feeling like people are in control of their destinies and outcomes.
• The list gives people a mechanism for feeling mastery and life accomplishment
• People feel happiest and heightened self-esteem when they are accomplishing goals and working towards an outcome.

How do we create a life list?
• Quite simply… just start to write down anything you’d like to accomplish before you die.
• Make your goals attainable and small do-able tasks (vs. something vague and too general… like creating world peace).
• Compile your list and check off the things you accomplish. Some therapists and motivational coaches suggest starting with 100 goals and add items to your list whenever you’d like.
• Remember life isn’t a dress rehearsal, so use each moment and get moving towards everything you’ve always wanted to do.

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