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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Secret

Perhaps you’ve heard about it. Oprah’s is talking about it. Ellen is talking about it. People are talking about it. It is called “The Secret.”

What is the premise of “The Secret.”?
• It is a best selling, hard to find book that is sweeping the country. In a nutshell, it is about the “Law of Attraction.” The book contends that people’s thoughts and beliefs actually can attract things to them. For instance, if we live in negative thoughts and fear, we will see only negative things in our life. If however, we look for opportunities, are grateful, or search for positives, we will attract good things into our life. The book reports this “secret” is a concept that has been used by successful people throughout history.

Why is this a secret?
• People believe in the principal of scarcity (there isn’t enough for everyone)
• People believe they must look at what needs to be fixed vs. what is going well, or what they
can do
• People are unwilling to face their destructive and negative thoughts and beliefs.
• People do not view their own personal power to create changes.

What are the techniques of “The Secret?”
• Ask-- You are asked to clear out limiting thoughts and become aware of what you do what to bring into your life.
• Believe-- (what you believe is what you create. You need to really see this is not magical
thinking, but about actions you are making to opening up)
• Receive –act as if you will receive what you manifest. Feel the change.

So is this a reality or a hoax?
• The reviews are mixed, as you might imagine. People from all over the country are firm
believers in the concepts of “the secret,” and there are those who say it is nothing but
magical thinking and hopeful wishes.
• Some say it is just a magnificent marketing & great hype to sell a book.
• What we do know for sure is that your thoughts do create your reality.
• We do know that negative thoughts DO effect your psychological well-being
• The decision is yours, but you just might be surprised by what you can manifest.

Here’s the Challenge: Utilize the three techniques (ask, believe, receive) of “The Secret” and do a little experiment. Tomorrow morning when you awaken, before you leave your bed, imagine how you want your day to be. See different parts of your day, and see it in a positive light. Then believe you can make today just as you visualized. Then start the day and see if your day mirrors your manifestation.


Anonymous said...

I loved this book. I don't believe it's about anything magical. I think the premises are about energy. The energy we give out is the energy we get back. If one gives out nothing but negative energy in their life...they will receive negative energy in return. Once I started becoming in tune with my true self, a peacefulness came over me...I was able to focus on the things I was grateful for, all the things I wanted in life, and all the wonderful things I had to look forward to. You have to relinquish fear and believe in yourself and all the great possibilities. Change your mindset from negative to positive, and you’ll be amazed at the joy that comes into your life.

joymiller said...

What a beautiful posting. I found the exact same response. Thank you for putting it so well.

Interested in other's response to the book.

Anonymous said...

This book is a wonderful stepping stone for those who want to change their lives for the better. The mind is a very powerful thing and people have been doing studies on "mind over matter" for years. Children with cancer have been known to visualize in their heads that they are destroying cancer cells as if it were a video game, and they ended up winning their battle with cancer. I agree with the blog about the energy. I believe we are all "balls of energy" and when I am around a negitive energy I start becoming negive myself.

joymiller said...

Keep it coming...What do the rest of you think?