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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Attractiveness: Does it affect your future

Does how you look effect your earnings or how you are treated? Recent statistics that might suggest that our attractiveness actually may play a huge part in our future earnings and success.

What do studies show ?
o Economics Professors Hammermesh and Biddle discovered plain looking people earn 5-10% less than people of average looks.
o Average looking people earn 3-8% less than those who are deemed attractive.
o Male attorneys attained early partnership directly correlated to how handsome they are perceived.

Does height have anything to do with financial success?
o Research from the University of Florida survey shows that tall people earn more $$ through their careers than shorter people.
o Each inch taller is worth $789 a year in pay
o Difference between 5' 5 in person and 6' person is $5.523 a year

What else have we learned from recent surveys?
o Good looking men and women are generally judged to be more kind, honest and intelligent
o A London study showed that overweight women are more likely to be unemployed
o Overweight women earn 5% less than their trimmer peers

But some of the most successful people are short. So what can people like me to do even that score?
o Research shows we can even the score by:
o Giving the appearance of confidence
o Be passionate about what you do.
o Be honest
o Maintain good eye contact
o Dress well
o Act upbeat
o Treat others with warmth and respect and you will see a huge difference

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