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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We've got lots to share

We do have a lot to share...We have a new look and some new and exciting ways for you to access some important and useful services that can enhance your life and well-being.

First of all, please notice our new logo, which integrates our belief in the importance of growth and the integration of the connection between our mind, body and spirit. We’ve also integrated our focus on counseling & our enhanced wellness services in our new logo.

But there’s you can download a free copy of our monthly newsletter, which focuses on a new mental health topic in depth... and it’s so easy for you to access. Just go to and you will discover our newsletter on the entry page of our website. We are going green, and eco-friendly, so you can read it online and help save our planet. Additionally, you can click the Wellness Icon along the top and find our current schedule for our yoga, meditation, massage and workshops that are conducted in our Joyful Living Studio.

But, there is still more. Many of you watch Dr. Joy on WEEK-TV on Wednesdays at 5pm, and now you can download the entire segment from our website. All you need to do is click the Blog Icon and you will find the weekly segment, as well as articles on mental health that are updated at least three times a week. You will be up to date on mental health news as it is released. You can also join our twitter site at askdrjoy and access daily updates online.

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