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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Are you a dog or a cat person?

There are research studies that are focused on everything. Tonight we will share current research that really correlates if you are a dog person or a cat person. So lets discover the differences…

Tell us about the study and what they discovered.
• 4500 people were in the survey and they took the Gosling-Potter Personality test
• Dog people tend to be more social and outgoing
• Dog people are more extraverts, agreeable, and conscientious
• Cat people tend to be more neurotic but open—meaning they are creative,
philosophical or nontraditional
• Cat people are more independent and like to do their own thing

Sometimes people actually look like their pets—does this effect if people pick a dog?
• A British Columbia study showed that women with long hair like spaniels and beagles, and women with short hair like short eared basenjis and huskies (both short ears and hair)
• Another study showed that participants could match photographs of owners to their purebred dogs 67% of the time based on appearance alone
• Results suggested that people pick dogs that look like them
• And there could be lots of say about this study…. hahaha

We do love out pets, but from a psychological standpoint, what do pets do for us?

• Pets provide a sense of security and protection (trust someone is always around)
• Pets are friends (helps with loneliness)
• Pets ease loss ( people with pets are less likely to experience deterioration
in health following stressful events)
• Pets encourage us to become more active (go for more walks and generally are
more active than those without pets)
• Pets encourage people to take better care of themselves (generally people take
better care of their pet and themselves because they have something to love and


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