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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Office Romances: Beware!

With employees spending more and more hours at work, co-workers often have the opportunity to build stronger relationships at work than at home. In addition the “perks of power”-- travel, fine dining, camaraderie, and unquestioned authority, can be very seductive and exciting compared to what’s waiting at home.

What are the 6 rules to remember in office romances?
• Realize there is no such thing as a secret office affair or relationship.
• Realize you only see one side of the person at work. Too often romantically involved
employees forget that people tend to act differently outside the office setting.
• Never get in a relationship with an employee before knowing more about the person. Too
often new hires date other employees without knowing the history of relationships within
the facility.
• Avoid relationships with people in your own department. If something goes wrong the
lowest person on the totem pole will suffer.
• Never finance an office romance on your expense account or allow others to use the
company budget for enhancing their love life.
• Generally the junior level person is more damaged by alliances which fail. Remember that
few romances survive one partner’s departure.

If you can’t resist an office romance…here are some helpful tips for success?
• Be prepared: Realize that co-workers may be hostile and there can be difficulties in the
workplace. Create a plan if things don’t go well in the relationship.
• Be direct: If the attraction is serious, speak directly about your interests and intentions.
Make every effort to keep your personal relationship from interfering with your work
• Maintain appropriate behaviors: Keep romantic gestures and intimacy away from
• Watch favoritism toward your partner and never bring fights to the office.
• Be professional: Continue to maintain a high level of work performance, and don’t lose
sight of your professional responsibilities.

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