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Saturday, March 17, 2007

"Happy Landings"

Ever heard of Kokology? It is a fun little Japanese game of self discovery.
Want to try one? Here goes!

Imagine you are jumping out of a plane (come on it is just imagining). You are floating and half way down and you see the canopy of your parachute flying above you. What do you imagine below you?

1. A field of grass and a pasture filled with flowers
2. A rocky landscape

3. Wild animals with their mouths open

4. A flowing river.

Pick one quickly and don't mull this over.

Here's the Kokology version of self discovery...
1. The field of grass: You are an optimist. You see life as beautiful and might get lost in the view because it is so wonderous. Sometimes you forget to "tuck and roll."
2. You believe in the law that something will always go wrong. You might want to look at the bright side of life-- your parachute did open!
3. So the world is out to get you? You see that fate might get you, but you have a sense of humor.
4. You take things as they come. You deal with things as they arise. You seem to concern yourself with the "here and now."

So what do you think? Was this on-target?

~ Special thanks to Kokology 2 (Fireside Books) 2001.


Anonymous said...

How fun! I had mountains and a river.

joymiller said...

So was it accurate? Does it really say something about you?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was pretty accurate. However, it was a bit confusing having both mountains and a river.