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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Closer Ties Between Children & Parents

A December 2006 Wall Street Journal article noted that the relationships between parents and their children are making a dramatic turn. Families today are finding a “balance” between independence and closeness.

What do the most recent statistics illustrate?
· Studies show that twenty-something’s are more dependent on their parents, and may even be termed “parent lovers.” This means today’s youth are more in touch with their parents than previous generations.
The Wall Street Journal noted some tips and advises for mastering relationships between children and parents…
· Talk in the same language. Kids love to text message, so check in using the same technology, and you’ll be surprised how much your communication will improve.
· Don’t consider yourself friends. Kids want boundaries and not parents who act like their peers.
· Beware: criticism and critiques destroy relationships. Remember that your voice may have lasting impact, when other voices fade quickly into the night.
· Learn from each other. Remember you have just as many opportunities to learn things from your children, as they do from you. When you learn this lesson, your relationship will flourish.
· Today’s kids are comfortable with being wired. Email, text message, or call on his or her cell phone, since today’s youth are in constant contact with everybody.
Any other tips you might suggest?
• Keep the communication open-ended and short and you’ll be surprised how much communication you get when you don’t lecture
• Be there as a cheerleader. Your children need your support and encouragement, and you can bolster your relationship by being there for them through the good times and the difficult times.


Anonymous said...

In our society, I think the parents are out of control, not the kids! Parents have given their kids what they did not have growing up and inturn the kids have not learned a sense of owenship or responsibilty. They are simply spoiled. They want an easy life (as easy as the ones the parents have provided) with no work. The kids are just doing what they have been taught.

joy miller said...

That's an interesting insight. What do the rest of you think? Agree? Disagree?

Lynn Matsa said...

Great topic to discuss, engaging in fun activities such as baking cakes, buying toys with children and simply showing up for minor events makes families bond!