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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Can A Drawing Be A Key To Your Personality?

Can a drawing be a key to your personality?

Can a simple drawing be used to interpret something about your personality? Is it possible that a drawing can reveal valuable information, which helps you understand how you view yourself, others, and the world?

Many mental health practitioners use “Projective tests” as a framework for discussion of personality characteristics with clients. Drawings have the potential of predicting specific traits of the artist. Therapists look for commonly drawn elements as a means of predicting behaviors or beliefs. For instance, a sun in the sky may symbolize a strong connection with your father or mother, depending on which side the paper it is located. Flowers drawn near a house might indicate that the artist enjoys structuring their environment. In fact, a trained therapist and the person who draws the picture can use drawings as a means of discovering a wealth of information and as a forum for further discussion.

Want to try a small projective test for yourself? This is not a psychologically tested projective drawing, but a little fun drawing that might tell a little bit about you. Remember this is just for fun, not something that has a scientific basis. Here goes…take out a piece of clean paper and draw a pig. Yes, I said a pig. Don’t get caught up in the issue of being a perfectionist, just draw a pig…don’t worry…no one will see your drawing so you don’t have to be an award winning pig artist.

Now look at your picture and see if any of these things fit for you…

If the pig is drawn toward the top of the paper you are an optimist. • If the pig is toward the middle of the page, you are a realist • If the pig is drawn toward the bottom of the page you are a pessimist • If the pig’s face is facing left you are friendly and remember dates • If the pig’s face is facing forward (Looking at you) you are direct and either fear nor avoid discussions • If the pig’s face is facing right, you are innovative and active and have a strong sense of family • Few details in your picture? You care little for details and are a risk-taker • Four legs showing means you are secure, stubborn and stick to your ideals • Missing some legs? You are insecure or living through a period of major change. • The size of the ears says something about the quality of your listening skills. The bigger the ears, the better the listening skills.

Remember this is just a light-hearted look at projective drawings. Sometimes the characteristics fit, and other times they don’t. Hopefully, either way, your pig drawing brought a smile to your face. Now grab a friend and give them the unofficial pig test and then paste that pretty pig on your refrigerator for all to see! Or how about sharing your results with members of the blog and let us know if it was "right-on" for you.


carolyn said...

What a fun exercise! I drew a pig. I am a realist, friendly and I remember dates, I'm direct, secure and stubborn. What do you know, this is all true! I'm going to save this piggy and show it to Joshy when I get home.

joshmiller said...

here's my piggy!

joymiller said...

Thanks for posting your pig picture online. I notice very small ears... hummm and what does that say about you??

Hope others can post their little pig for us to see too.

No one asked about the reference to the tail... you guessed it (Sigmund Freud would love it-- it relates to your sex life).

carolyn said...

here's my piggy!

sorry josh i wanna be like you

Anonymous said...

I drew a pig for the fun little exercise and I missed the part about the tail. I hear there is something to be said about that (sexually). Well, the tail on my pig is curly and curves up and to the right (towards the pig). Josh said you would right me back. ;)

joymiller said...

The length of the tail relates to the size of your sex life (or so the research indicates)-- but you know this was just for fun right? No need to check into Masters & Johnson sex therapy clinic or anything :) haha