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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Consumer Reports Endorses Therapy

A 2010 Consumer Reports survey reveals the power of therapy...

One of the most respected consumer protection groups has now endorsed talk therapy as a means of lowering stress, anxiety and depression.

1500 participants took part in a 3-year study reported in the June 2010 issue of Consumer Reports. The findings concluded two important elements. First of all, respondents who attended AT LEAST 7 sessions had marked improvement in their anxiety and depressive symptoms. And those who took medication in correlation with therapy had the highest improvement. Secondly, the "type of therapist" did not matter. Whether a psychologist, social worker, or professional counselor, the therapy had identical results in the helpfullness ratings.

The survey also concluded that anxiety was up for Americans with 58% reporting symptoms in 2010 compared to 41% to 2004.

Consumer Reports went on to say that counseling was "a good investment. Talk therapy offers two advantages over medication: no drug side effects and tools you can use for the long term. People who struck with talk therapy for a least 7 sessions had significantly better outcomes than those who went six or fewer sessions.

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