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Friday, January 22, 2010

Does the Economy Effect Your Health?

Worries about the economy and your deflating financial situation, is predominant for many people after the holidays. With the beginning of 2010 we are seeing a variety of trends and tonight we will look at some tips for maintaining your health and well being in this economically down turned time.

It seems that the economy is having some effects on Americans. What are we seeing?
• APA states that 80% of Americans see stress due to the economy as their number one concern
• More women than men are noting stress related symptoms such as fatigue, muscle tension, headaches, upset stomach, and mood changes
• American’s tend to have poor coping strategies and women are turning more often to food to nurture their stress, and men are turning increasingly to alcohol. Some reports say that others are increasing their use of smoking.

What are some things we can do to minimize our stress levels?

• Practice budgeting. Whether you’ve got a budget or not, now is the time to create a formal plan for spending. Try to establish some guidelines for spending related to eating out, travel, and purchases. You’d be amazing how much you can save by taking your lunch twice a week to work, or cutting out that cup of mojo on the way to work each day.
• Practice relaxation. Americans aren’t good at slowing down, but now is the time to really use techniques such as yoga, breath work or meditation. Try exercise to promote relaxation as well, and practice listening to music to calm your anxieties
• Practice eliminating negative thoughts. More than ever, now is the time to change those self-defeating thoughts and remind yourself that you are capable and willing to make positive changes in your life.
• Care for your body. Begin this New Year with a sound food program, regular exercise and some new sleep patterns that give you adequate sleep to perform a healthy lifestyle.

Doing these four things can really create a change in your lifestyle and your health and enhance your peace of mind


Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

joymiller said...

Glad you enjoyed it :-)