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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Happiness Tips Come Your Way

Tonight we will look at some common things in our world that affect our happiness quotient, and correlate some interesting studies that might have you look at these things, just a little differently.

You brought us some new studies tonight related to happiness. What are they discovering?
• We’ve talked about how laughter can make us heart healthy by opening blood vessels to allow blood to circulate easier, but now a Maryland study says music can have the same effect.
• Music may be one of our best de-stressors whether you are listening to the music or playing it
• Blood vessels open when people hear music they like, and they actually begin to close when they hear music they don’t particularly like which is EXACTLY what happens with stress or tension (blood vessels stiffen and become rigid constricting blood flow--- hardening of the arteries)
• Hospitals like Mayo Clinic are using music as part of its cardiovascular healing program—so listen to some music and open your heart

You found another interesting study related to something really unusual… gum! Will you explain?
• Some of our viewers may be familiar with past studies by the American Dental Association that states chewing gum following meals can help with tooth decay and it has been shown to lower acid reflex episodes
• Perhaps you know that chewing gum helps lower food cravings and calms our appetite. And that’s an easy way to cut our consumption
• A new study at Baylor College of Medicine showed that chomping on a stick of sugar free gum can increase standardized test scores. Students who chewed gum during finals had better scores than those who didn’t—that gives an academic edge to gum-chewers!
• Gum chewers require fewer breaks, paid better attention and stayed quieter longer

Sounds like you and I should go out and buy some gum and listen to our ipods a little more each day!

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