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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What makes up a lasting relationship?

What are some of the key elements that researchers have discovered keep a marriage together?
• Humor- lasting relationships use humor as a means of keeping things in perspective and coping with adversity. Enduring relationships know how to laugh at situations, versus laughing at each other.
• Communication. Enduring relationships make time to communicate and share. Just like everything else, marriages need attention and relationships that are strong are ones in which the couple has learned good skills of listening, empathy, and reinforcement.
• Nurturing. Those who know how to nurture and show kindness to their partners are the ones who have relationships that last forever. Partners who encourage, cherish and build up each other have the strongest connections
• Build togetherness. Strong relationships are ones where there are common interests and ones were there are projects were the couple works together on their own connection and activities in their lives
Keep the romance alive. Relationships that last find ways to keep the marriage fresh and alive. Whether it is bringing roses, sending cards, leaving love notes, sending cute text messages, or making phone calls… it’s the dedication to keeping the relationship a priority that is the key to enduring and ever-lasting connections

1 comment:

Liz said...

Amen to this, especially the humor part. I know how important that is to us!