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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What do you know about panic disorder?

National Anxiety and Depression Awareness week begins May 4th and continues through May 10th.

What are the characteristics of Panic Disorder?
• 6 million Americans experience panic. It is more common with women, with the
disorder appearing to be hereditary.
• Characterized by sudden attacks of terror , dread and fear
• Symptoms: Person may experience faintness, dizziness, sweats, pounding heart,
chills, chest pain
• Person feels intense fear of losing control, dying, impending doom

What are some important facts about panic?
• Panic attacks are uncomfortable, but not dangerous. You will not have a heart
attack, you will not die, or you will not go crazy. As soon as you believe
this, you are on the way to recovery.
• You are in control. You may feel out of balance or disoriented, but you can
learn techniques to minimize the effects.
• The panic will pass. Most attacks last just a few minutes, and with the use
of breathing and rational thinking, the attack will pass.
• Many attacks don’t have to happen. You can avoid some attacks with techniques
you can learn, and by staying in the present and believing you can cope with
the effects.

What are some common treatment methods for panic disorder?
• Learning facts about panic disorder and means for coping with panic attacks
• The use of medications (if appropriate) combined with therapy
• Learning skills and techniques for managing and minimizing panic attacks from
a licensed mental health professional.


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