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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Working Dads Want More

A recent survey from reports that dads want more time with their families. Tonight’s segment focuses on current trends related to work and family life.

What does the research indicate?
• 38% of dads say they would take a pay cut to spend more time with their kids
• 24% of dads say working overtime is negatively effecting their relationship with their children
• 48% of dads say they have missed a significant life event at least once due to work obligations

How does work commitments relate to the loss of family time?
• 25% of dads spend less than one hour with their children each day
• 42% of dads spend less than two hours with their children each day
• 27% of dads work more than 50 hrs per week—limiting family time

What are some suggestions for working dads?
• Create a family day. Go for family bike rides, outings, movies, picnics, and enjoy the day free of work, cell phones, computers, and text messaging.
• Talk to your boss about flex-time. Try to work towards flexible hours, job sharing, or creating a means for attending important events.
• Investigate your priorities in life. What is most important? Money? Time with family? You have to have the desire to make changes you want in your life.
• Balance your life by setting limits on the hours you are willing to work, and stick to your commitment
• Keep in touch with your family during work breaks or during lunchtime.

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