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Friday, July 20, 2007

Are You Burned Out?

The best and the brightest among us are the most vulnerable to this mental health concern. It seems that those who are in danger of this stress-related illness are the dynamic goal-oriented men and women who give 100% to any project. Wonder what we’re describing… it is burnout.

Recent statistics show that 64% of Americans from the ages of 35-64 report burnout in their job setting. This staggering rate of burnout is commonly diagnosed when the employee notes:

• Feeling pressured, trapped or fatigued
• Has difficulty concentrating or remembering tasks
• Has a low tolerance for frustration and is easily angered
• Has feelings of being continually fatigued or is apathetic

But there are some simple solutions to intervene if you feel you are the road to burnout.
• Admit there is a problem. When you realize there is a problem, then you can take action steps to address the concern.
• Reach out and get support. Many companies have employee assistance programs, or seek a licensed mental health professional who works with burnout and stress management.
• Learn relaxation techniques and time management
• Find some balance in your life. Find time for your family and leisure, as well as your job.
• Let go of what’s not yours—set boundaries and stick to those guidelines. Learn to say “no.”
• Be realistic about your goals to assure success.

The key to successful negotiation of job related stress is in your control…you can make a difference.

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