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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kokology defines graduation

You've enjoyed the Kokology here is another one in honor of graduation.

Think back on your graduation and what do you remember the most?

  1. The face of your principal giving you the diploma and shaking your hand
  2. The banner reading "Congratulations to the class of XXXX"
  3. Your graduation class standing in their caps and gowns
  4. Listening to the graduation march.
Here's the evaluations ala' Kokology
1. If you picked this option, you have a great aptitude for remembering names and faces. Your ability to remember people makes people around you feel valued and important in your life.
2. You have a head for numbers, birthdays, and phone numbers. These powers make you serious and dependable and of course, you never forget an appointment.
3. You love to reminisce about things. Not only do you have the ability to remember a scene, but the emotions that it aroused in you. But, you also may have difficulty forgiving and forgetting when you have been hurt.
4. Visual images fade quickly, but what people say and what you hear holds an important place in your experiences. Hearing a special word, or a bit of a melody can bring back the power of a moment and all that it holds.
~Kokology 2: Tadahiko Nagao & Isamu Saito~


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