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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Working in Tight Quarters at Work?

What are the most common annoying concerns of co-workers towards others in their group?
• Having a “know it all” attitude turns people off, and does nothing to bring people closer to you. It didn’t work for Cheers “Cliff Clavin, and it won’t work for you.
• Workaholic Wannabee. Do you show up late, take two- hour lunch hours, and then not get started really working until close to 3 pm? Workers who don’t pull their weight don’t make good co-workers
• The devil’s advocate. Do you always take the other side of every argument? Co-workers get tired of always having to deal with the challenge of working with you.
• The brown-noser. Laughing at the boss’s jokes, sucking up, and standing for nothing might seem to be appropriate, but it doesn’t help healthy work relationships.

Are there any general courtesy rules for creating a healthy work environment in close quarters?
• Never barge in unannounced. Pretend that cubicles have doors and signal or ask if you can disturb your co-worker (or should you come back?)
• Use your quiet voice. It’s hard enough to work in a close environment, and there is nothing more annoying than trying to work around someone who is distracting you with their loud voice.
• Ask before borrowing. Respect people’s areas and ask before you borrow a stapler, or take someone’s supply of paper clips. And remember, just because they have food on their desk, it doesn’t mean it is open game for everyone’s indulgence.
• Watch your conversations. Not everyone wants to hear about your fight with your significant other, your sex life, or your frustration with your children. Keep private phone conversations away from the office. If you must make a private call, take a break and take your personal call out in the hall.
• Cell phone interruptions. If you keep your cell phone with you, make sure your ring tone isn’t playing a whole refrain of a song every twenty minutes. If you keep your phone in your pocket, turn it to vibrate so you don’t disturb others
• Remember that being a good neighbor at work is just as important as being a good neighbor at home. These tips will help create and enhance a healthy working environment.


Anonymous said...

I should post these rules at my work because lots of people should adhere to courtesty mentioned in the story

joymiller said...

Please do. Feel free to make copies and put them in everyone's cubbies. Perhaps life as you know it, might change a little bit. :)